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Burger savoyard - Benkku81
Cuisine et Traditions

Burger savoyard

Buns topped with a chopped steak of beef, ragout of tomato, bacon and raclette cheese
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Chef :
Réalisé le :
Famille :
Burger savoyardBurger savoyard
Temps de préparation : 50 min
Temps de cuisson : 50 min
Temps de repos : 0 h
Temps total : 2h40min
Nbre de couvert : 1


Flour : 0.300 kG
Fresh yeast : 0,013 Kg
Skim milk : 0,200 L
Margarine : 0,015 kG
Salt : PM
Milk : 0,025 L
Sesame (seed) : 0.005 kG

Ground beef : 0.375 kG
Bacon : 12 slices
Tomato : 1,350 kG
Garlic : 0.012 kG
Onion : 0,060 kG
Raclette : 0.375 kG
Oregano : 0,020 kG
Olive oil : 0,020 L
Pepper : PM

1) See the recipe.
2) Blanch the tomatoes : Make an incision of a cross on each tomato, and then-to dive for a few seconds in boiling water. The skin separates from the flesh, remove from water and plunge immediately into ice water.
Peel, deseed, and then cut the flesh of the tomatoes into small dice.
Heat half the oil in a saucepan and sauté the tomatoes. Add salt, pepper and chopped garlic, and my half of the oregano. Melt, uncovered, on low heat until you obtain a compote of tomatoes fairly thick.
3) Remove the crust of the cheese.
Brown the bacon in the rest of the hot oil. Place them on absorbent paper and keep warm.
Form 6 steaks, season with pepper and salt and sprinkle oregano on each side. Cook in the grease from the bacon.
Slice thinly the onion.
4) Burger savoyard4 Cut the buns in two.
File of the compote of tomato on each piece. Drop the bacon and then a slice of raclette.
Place the steak and cover with cheese and then bacon.
Replace the hat.
Place in an oven at 180°C. Serve when the cheese is runny.

Notes du chef

With its compote of tomato fresh, and squeegee any creamy, this burger is will consume as well in the winter (the end of the ripening of the squeegee from October to December) than in the middle of the spring to see in the middle of summer (tomatoes have a more pronounced taste and strong sweet this time of year).
For non-followers of the squeegee, remember to combine burger savoyarde with reblochon, beaufort, blue, saint-nectaire, ...

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