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Endives with ham - Benkku81
Cuisine et Traditions

Endives with ham

Endive blanched in salted water, served wrapped in a slice of ham, drizzled in Béchamel sauce and au gratin
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Chef :
Réalisé le :
Famille :
Endives with hamEndives with hamEndives with hamEndives with ham
Temps de préparation : 20 min
Temps de cuisson : 40 min
Temps de repos : 0 h
Temps total : 60min
Nbre de couvert : 4


Endive : 0.600 kG (4 pieces)
Ham : 0,180 kG (4 tranhes)

Béchamel Sauce
Milk : 0,250 L
Butter : 0,015 kG
Flour : 0,015 kG
Salt : PM
Pepper : PM
Nutmeg : PM (optional)

1) Endives with ham1 Remove the leaves damaged of the endive.
Cut off the excess roots. Be careful not to cut too short at the risk of seeing the leaves detach at the time of cooking.
Wash the endives under cold water. The endive should not be submerged, the water developing their bitterness.
Dry them immediately and cook them in a water that is generously salted during 20-30 minutes. The cooking time will vary according to the season and the quality of the product.
2) Endives with ham2 In a saucepan, heat the milk with the sauce and any spices.
In a second saucepan, melt the butter. When it is hot, pour in flour all at once and cook the roux using a whisk. The roux becomes a bubble-but stay white. So we get a red white.
Off the fire, pour some of the milk onto the roux and whisk vigorously. The sauce thickens, add the remaining milk. Place back on the heat and cook the bechamel until you obtain a homogeneous texture, smooth, shiny and pasty.
3) Endives with ham3 Drain and roll each endive in a slice of ham. Place in a baking dish, previously buttered.
Drizzle everything with béchamel sauce and place under the salamander.
Decorate the plate with drops of pasta puff

Notes du chef

The endive is harvested in the month of December are particularly suitable for this dish. Simple and quick, this dish will also be good for the meal of the week, the family meal in weekend.

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