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Chicken sausage - Martin14
Cuisine et Traditions

Chicken sausage

The gut of a pig embossed of white chicken, trimmed and seasoned with greens.
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Chicken sausageChicken sausage
Temps de préparation : 50 min
Temps de cuisson : 0 min
Temps de repos : 1 h
Temps total : 2h50min
Nbre de couvert : 4


Per kilo of meat

White chicken meat : 1,000 kG
900 g chicken meat, diced
Salt : 0,010 kG
Cayenne pepper : 0,001 kG
Pepper : 0.003 kG
Thyme : 0.001 kG
Savory : 0.003 kG
Oregano : 0.003 kG
Rosemary : 0.003 kG

Chicken broth : 3,000 L

1) soak the casings in water slightly warm.
Introduce a bubble of air and move from one end to the other.
2) bring Together all the spices in a grinder.
Grind until you obtain a homogeneous powder and fine.
3) Slice the chicken breast, the width should not exceed 5mm.
Pour the spices, and mix well to coat all the meat.
Reserve expenses.
4) Depending on the device that you use for embossing, mount your cone to the hose of pork previously dampened.
Catch one end of the hose and push it gently as far as possible to the bottom of the cone.
Drag the hose by pushing it systematically as far as possible.
5) Place the meat cold (the closer to 0°c as possible) in the poussoire.
Begin pushing the meat up to the end of the cone. Form a bow with the hose.
Pass the meat.
Turn the hose on itself every 15-20 cm to form sausages, the most regular possible. Again, if the meat is too tight, you risk the explosion. Proceed as previously.
If it remains in the gut at the end of the operation, you can keep it in the coarse salt and refrigerate, for several weeks.
6) Chicken sausage6 Place the sausages in a plate with a high edge, with a làche-fried.
Pour the chicken broth hot.
Let poach for 5 minutes.

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