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Brine - Benkku81
Cuisine et Traditions


Water that is heavily salted, scented herbs, included in the design of dried meat and/or smoke
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Chef :
Réalisé le :
Famille :
Temps de préparation : 10 min
Temps de cuisson : 0 min
Temps de repos : 24 h
Temps total : 24h10min
Nbre de couvert : 1


Water (neutral PH ±7) : 5 L
Salt : 0,550 kG
Powdered sugar : 0,200 kG
Laurier : 10 sheets
Thyme : 1 bunch
Black pepper (or green) : 0,030 kG
Juniper : 0.50 kG
Onion : 1 piece
Clove : 5 pieces

1) Peel and wash the onion. The prick with the cloves.
Wash the thyme.
Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl or a container large enough to accommodate your meat.
Let rest your brine 24 hours before you use it. All the flavors will be well dispersed in water.

Notes du chef

In time, you were to boil the water for 10 minutes to remove as many impurities as possible. The water is now sufficiently safe to be used directly. But nothing prevents you from bring it to a boil.
A brine does not flow ! She gives all her power at the end of several meats. On average, a brine will keep for 2.5-3 months.
The quality of the brine depends mainly on its storage (5°-15°C) and meat that they insert in it. Work with meat not fresh will lead to a risk of microbial growth and contamination (food poisoning). Frozen meats are, preferably, also to banish.

The time of brining depends on the meat. The more the meat is thick, the more it will have to stay in brine. The more it will be covered with fat, the longer it will remain in brine...
A meat is brined then must be washed under running water for several minutes. For simplicity, I count 3 minutes of rinsing by increments of 6 hours of brining. This step must not be ignored at the risk of ending up with a meat very salty. It is necessary to accept the miss the beginning in order to familiarize themselves with this technique.

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