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Sausage to shallot - Benkku81
Cuisine et Traditions

Sausage to shallot

The gut of a pig embossed with a flesh sausage (3/4 lean + 1/4 fat), shallot confit, persil and coriander freshly chopped
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Chef :
Réalisé le :
Famille :
Sausage to shallotSausage to shallotSausage to shallotSausage to shallot
Temps de préparation : 55 min
Temps de cuisson : 0 min
Temps de repos : 2 h
Temps total : 3h55min
Nbre de couvert : 4


Per kilo of meat
lean hogs : 0,750 kG
chest fat : 0,250 kG
persil haché : 0,050 kG
coriander chopped : 0.005 kG
shallots confit : 0,050 kG
salt of guérande : 0.005 kG
pepper : 0,001 kG

Gut pork

1) Sausage to shallot1 Make the recipe of shallots confit
2) Sausage to shallot2 Place the hoses in a clean, warm water (20-25°C is sufficient).
Wash and chop the persil and coriander.
Slice the shallot confit.
Chop the meat with a grid of 8mm.
Combine all of the elements of the stuffing (including the seasoning) in a butt chicken, and mix well the whole.
Set aside in the freezer.

Trap an air bubble at the end of the hose and pass it to the other end, in order to full take off the walls.
3) Place the hose on the nozzle sufficiently close to the pusher.
The stuffing is between 0°c and 2°c, we can start pushing.
Have the stuffing to the inside of the push button and actuate the mechanism (manual or electric). When the stuffing begins to appear, make a knot in the hose.
Push all of the stuffing in the hose. Too much retained in the casings give sausages tight and increase the risk of splitting at the time of the formation of sausage, or cooking. When you press the sock, it must not be resistance, but the coil must not be allowed to crash.
4) Sausage to shallot4 Pinch the sausage every 15-20cm and rotate it to form a small knot. The sausages take shape.

Notes du chef

The design of sausages do not require major technical, but great care about the hygiene. The meat does not remain in the open air any longer than necessary. The hands are rid of the superfluous (ring, watch, nail varnish, ...) and to wash between each of the various stages of design.
The minced meat is a fragile product and very easily contaminable. So be very careful !

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