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Sausages with peppers of Bernard Baudré - Benkku81
Cuisine et Traditions

Sausages with peppers of Bernard Baudré

Gut pork embossed with a filling of pork, peppers and spices
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Sausages with peppers of Bernard BaudréSausages with peppers of Bernard BaudréSausages with peppers of Bernard BaudréSausages with peppers of Bernard BaudréSausages with peppers of Bernard BaudréSausages with peppers of Bernard Baudré
Temps de préparation : 60 min
Temps de cuisson : 0 min
Temps de repos : 0 h
Temps total : 60min
Nbre de couvert : 8


Per kilo of meat

Filet mignon (or tenderloin) of pork : 3/4 of the mass of meat total
Pork belly : 1/4 of the mass of meat total
Salt : 4g
Black pepper : 0.4 g
Coriander : 0.5 g
Bell pepper (red, yellow, green) : 300g
Echalotte : 30g
Intestines of pork (The recipe of Bernard Baudré is initially composed of casings of sheep-size 22/24 or 24/26). During the execution of the recipe, only casings of pork were available

Approximately 800g of meat per metre of hose of pork.

1) Sausages with peppers of Bernard Baudré1 Wash and deseed the peppers.
The scalding in a tub of water for 3-4 minutes. The aim is to soften the peppers but not the cook.
The cool immediately by plunging them into a basin of cold water to stop the cooking. Drain.
Cut into cubes of about 5mm.
Reserve expenses.
2) Sausages with peppers of Bernard Baudré2 Wash, trim and coarsely chop the coriander.
Peel, wash and chop the shallots
Book all at the expense.
Weigh the salt and the pepper.
3) Sausages with peppers of Bernard Baudré3 soak your casings in warm water. Form a bubble of air passing from one end to the other. If they are presented on a plastic tube, remove it. If they are sold in brine, rinse thoroughly by leaving them in water, drain and place in a warm water.
This step has several interests : The warm water will soften the hoses, which will facilitate the positioning of the cone of embossing so the embossing itself. In the same interest, the air bubble will remove the walls of the hoses.

Chop 1/4 of the meat on a grid 8, and the rest on a grid of 6. The sausages will then be composed of pieces of meat. If you prefer sausages smooth, would prefer a hash over the end and on the entirety of the meat.
Combine the condiments, the seasonings, the peppers and the meat in a butt chicken, and mix well to distribute all the flavors.
Place your meat in the freezer. The embossing is done with a meat the most close to 0C as possible.
4) Sausages with peppers of Bernard Baudré4 Depending on the device that you use for embossing, mount your cone to the hose of pork previously dampened.
Catch one end of the hose and push it gently as far as possible to the bottom of the cone.
Drag the hose by pushing it systematically as far as possible.
Form a knot at the end at the end of the cone.
5) Sausages with peppers of Bernard Baudré5 The technique of embossing is not very difficult, especially if you work with a robot.
The critical point of a good embossing is the pressure that you apply on the hoses. If you leave too much away, you'll get sausage thin, not very fleshy. If you squeeze the hoses and you restrain him too much, the meat will be will be and you run the risk of the explosion. A hose that explodes, it's not like a boiler. It breaks and the meat escapes. End of embossing by trying less to retain the hoses. You'll get the meat that escaped and form a knot at the ends.

Turn the hose on itself every 15-20 cm to form sausages, the most regular possible. Again, if the meat is too tight, you risk the explosion. Proceed as previously.
If it remains in the gut at the end of the operation, you can keep it in the coarse salt and refrigerate, for several weeks.

Notes du chef

This recipe to me has been forwarded by Bernard Baudré, butcher-pork butcher at Dormans. I've followed the recipe as precisely as possible. As indicated at the end of the list of ingredients, the original recipe is intended for of sheep gut. For a matter of timing and money, I realized with gut pork.
I had at my disposal 5 metres of pipes and 4kg of meat chopped. This recipe for sausage is the first that I make. On a little over 5 meters, I had 4 explosions of guts. Case to follow...

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