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Risotto with chanterelles - Benkku81
Cuisine et Traditions

Risotto with chanterelles

Rice long-mother-of-pearl, cooked with onions sweated in butter and a vegetable broth, served with chanterelles fried
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Réalisé le :
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Risotto with chanterellesRisotto with chanterellesRisotto with chanterellesRisotto with chanterellesRisotto with chanterellesRisotto with chanterellesRisotto with chanterelles
Temps de préparation : 20 min
Temps de cuisson : 20 min
Temps de repos : 0 h
Temps total : 40min
Nbre de couvert : 3


Vegetable broth
1L of broth
The foods used and their quantity will depend on your tastes. Refer to the recipe of the vegetable Broth

Onion : 0,125 kG
Butter : 0,020 kG
Arborio rice : 0,360 kG
White wine : 0,030 L
Salt : PM (be careful, the broth already contains salt)

Chanterelle : 0,250 kG
Butter : 0,010 kG

1) Risotto with chanterelles1 Peel, wash and thinly slice the onion.
Brush and cut off the feet (the part of the earthy) of the chanterelles. Cut the largest of them in 2 or 4.
2) Risotto with chanterelles2 heat the butter in a Russian, and sweat the onions.
3) Risotto with chanterelles3 The onions are soft and transparent, add the rice.
Cook the rice, stirring constantly until it is very white and shiny. It is mother-of-pearl.
4) Risotto with chanterelles4 Pour the hot broth over the rice.
Add the white wine and season with salt.
Cook the rice in the level of boiling. A fire too bright caramélisera onions and will burn the rice. A fire that is too low will not cook enough rice. Prefer a level of 4 (out of 10) for a table induction.
Note : This dish was made and served to a very young child, we mask the white wine.
5) Risotto with chanterelles5 In a pan buttered, sauté the chanterelles over high heat.
The vegetation water evaporates immediately.
The mushrooms become tender but retain some firmness under the fingers. A scent of undergrowth emerges, get rid of it and set aside.
6) Risotto with chanterelles6 after about 20-25 minutes, the liquid was completely soaked up by the rice. It is creamy and the grains stick to each other.
Add the chanterelles and mix.
Serve in soup plates with slices of grilled bread.

Notes du chef

A classic of Italian cuisine that can be broken down in all the forms. The cooking of the rice will remain the same, only the cooking of vegetables accompanying it will vary.

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