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Puff pastry - Benkku81
Cuisine et Traditions

Puff pastry

Paste made of glutinous flour and water) and a kneaded butter (butter and flour)
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Puff pastryPuff pastryPuff pastryPuff pastryPuff pastryPuff pastryPuff pastry
Temps de préparation : 40 min
Temps de cuisson : 0 min
Temps de repos : 1 h
Temps total : 2h40min
Nbre de couvert : 4


Flour : 1,000 kG
Water : 0,500 L (50% of the weight of the flour)

Kneaded butter (50% of the total weight of the wet)
Sweet butter : 0,500 kG
Flour : 0,250 kG (50% of the weight of butter)

1) Puff pastry1 In a cul de poule, gather the flour with the water.
Work quickly all at your fingertips.
The flour and the water are commingled. We are working the paste thus obtained cut-paste, to prevent the elasticity of the distemper.
2) Puff pastry2 In a cul de poule, bringing together the butter and the flour.
Work the set up to get the amalgam and the homogeneity of the butter.
This step can be carried out at the drummer.
3) Puff pastry3 Form a star with 4 branches with tempera.
Lower each arm of the star, leaving a good thickness at the centre, on which comes place the kneaded butter into a square.
4) Puff pastry4 It folds a branch of the star by enclosing them carefully in butter.
It gives a sudden roll on the branches remaining to be welded.

Same operation for the second...

Wish there was a third...

And finally the last.
The last part is to fold under the entire mass.
5) Puff pastry5 Lower gently pat the top of the dough pieces (method taught by Chef Simon). The butter and the wet are then going to be spread together.
The whole set is still very fragile, it lowers not too much.

We remove the excess flour. Fold the top third over the dough pieces and brush the excess flour.
It folds the bottom third and .... yeah we brush the excess of flour.
Turn the dough pieces in the direction of the needles of a watch and it lowers once again.
Shoot carefully to the dough pieces and refrigerate for 15-20 minutes.

In the case where the butter would come to escape from the dough pieces, dust in flour to form a sort of crust. Be careful though not to press too hard on the dough pieces, the weight of the roll is sufficient.
6) Puff pastry6 Repeat the previous step two more times, placing the dough pieces, well filmed, cool all the two towers.
If the butter has a tendency to escape, place the dough pieces in the fridge between each turn.
The dough pieces will be marked with the finger before placing in a cool place. Why ? If you make several wraps laminated at the same time, it is easy to remember how much of a turn each dough pieces is.

Refrigerate until ready to use. The puff pastry can be detailed according to the use and/ or frozen.

Notes du chef

The puff pastry has a reputation difficult : It is the most difficult to achieve. By chance, this is not so true. All of this is to have adapted to the pressure of the roller on the dough pieces.
The puff pastry comes as well in the manufacture of flat salty, sweet, or even to the realization of decor.

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