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Baozi chicken - Benkku81
Cuisine et Traditions

Baozi chicken

Small aumonière of bread dough topped with beef, chicken or pork) and cooked with steam.
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Chef :
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Baozi chicken
Temps de préparation : 40 min
Temps de cuisson : 10 min
Temps de repos : 1 h
Temps total : 2h50min
Nbre de couvert : 4


Bread dough :
Flour : 400 g
Fresh yeast : 10 g
Water : 200 g
Sugar : 10 g

Trim :
Chicken (white) : 400 g
Garlic : 5 g
Ginger : 25 g
Sesame oil : 20 g
Salt : 2 g

1) Pour in the flour well In a cul de poule,
Dilute in a bowl the sugar with the warm water (30°C). There crumble the yeast and mix.
Pour the dissolved yeast to the flour, and mix with fingertips.
Once the flour agglomerate, knead the bread for 5 minutes.
Cover with a cloth and let double the dough in a warm place and the shelter of the air stream.
2) Peel, wash and de-germing garlic.
Peel, wash and grated ginger.
Cut the chicken breast into dices of 5mm of side.
Mix all of the elements of the seal in a cul de poule.
Cover and set aside to cool.
3) The bread dough to double in volume. Degas using the point.
Put the dough on the work plan and the reworking of 3 minutes to give it body.
Roll out the dough using the rolling pin to get a rectangle of 9cm of height and a thickness of just 2mm.
Using a round cookie cutter 9cm in diameter, the details of the rectangle of dough into a maximum circle.
Position a bit of trim to the chicken in the center of each circle.
Fold up the edges to form a small aumonière by welding well below the folds.
4) In a basket with bamboo (or default in a saucepan to steam cooking), place a sheet of chinese cabbage, so that the entire bottom is covered.
Place the baozis on the leaf of cabbage, being careful to space - the baozis are going to at least double in volume during cooking.
Have at the bottom of a large pot of water.
Place the baskets in the pan and cover.
Place on high heat and let it steam for 10 minutes.
Be used to even the baskets with a mixture of soy sauce-vinegar (1: 1), sesame oil with sesame seed and wasabi.

Notes du chef

The Baozis are spécialitées of Shanghai, which we discovered in 2009 during a vacation trip. With Jaozis beef (small ravioli filled first fried and then cooked in a bath of spicy) and spring rolls with shrimp, your table will soon an air of the East.
DL recipe in the video here./nom_de_la_videoDL

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