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Le Jedi, il fait le pois

The Friday was, in Finland, a day of fasting. As well the Thursday, it was normal to make a meal the more nutritious and satisfying as possible. The pea soup meets those needs.
The pea soup is a hearty dish and is rich in proteins. The pea is the raw material that the finns have been able to cultivate ever since. It stores easily and for a long time and is good for health.

One theory is that Kustaa Vaasa was ordered at the beginning of the Sixteenth century, that all citizens had to eat pea soup on Thursday. Behind it was hiding the taxes because, at that time, the taxes were in part collected in the form of food. In the spring, the end of the taxation year, the king received huge amounts of dry peas.
The king, tired of eating pea soup throughout the summer, had ordered all the citizens to eat pea soup on Thursdays. The huge stocks of peas are reduced to ...

La France, Le Pays du Pain ?! Pas si sûr...

The stereotypes of France are numerous. Be a stranger and declare to be French automatically means walking around wearing a beret, a bottle of red wine in one hand, a pie in the other, and the baguette under the arm ! Believe that France is the Country Bread. This last image was quickly dimmed when I enter into my first major surface Finnish. The surface that holds the bread is substantially the same as for fruit and vegetables. Apart from a large panel of producers, there are a quantity of very diverse form and \grain\ are used.

Why so much bread ?
In order to meet the different requirements of the Finnish (no milk, no lactose, low lactose, no sugar, no egg, no yeast), the bread is composed of rye, wheat, barley, oats or flour mixed. The water content of the bread will vary depending on the texture of� ...
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