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Fini les fins de mois difficile

You ever have if can put money in your pocket in the end of the month, that the least little penny seems to be a mine of money? Then this article is for you.

interaction, And if not, if I manage my budget so that I don't have to I tighten the belt ?.../interaction
In this case, you can read this article on the Challenge of food, because you never know if such a situation would be, and also because if you are concerned about your budget here is a way to alleviate even more of your food budget without alleviating the taste in your plates.

interactionOk, so that is what it is that your Challenge food ?/interaction
So this is not my Challenge food, but that of a friend of a blogger known under the pseudonym Cenwen.

So, every 15th of the month, you've been asked to create and publish ...

Tous en cuisine avec Chef Simon !

Our first article will focus on a collection ! ... a novel ... a literary work !
As I say, a literary work !? ... it is a bible culinaresque® ! \
Recognized by the profession, both professional chefs as academicians and other disciples of Escoffier, Bertrand Simon conveys an image of the kitchen simple, affordable, but a perfectionist.

Let's go back to the beginning of the story ! Who is Bertrand ?
the Bertrand Simon in a few figures
Bertrand Simon is the author of 4 cookbooks :
Minicocottes exceptions, Macarons from yesterday to today, Wok'n roll, linkhttp://liv ...
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