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En cuisine rien ne se jette !

If you often work out the puff pastry until you have surely had often the problem that you find with lots of small waterfalls. Often, they end up in the trash because so the size, shape, or form does not do something. As you will have understood through the title, in the kitchen, we don't throw anything - or almost.
Yes but how to do it with our puff pastry ? The principle is very simple : You have to stack all of your falls in such a way that the foliation is always in the same direction.
After that, it lowers the first time, fold in three, are lowered and fold one last time in 3. One obtains again a puff pastry dough that you can work according to your wishes (decorations for example).

Be careful though not to over work the pastry, the risk of p ...

Ne vient pas mettre ton grain de sel !

Bah if that's what I'm going to put, but always in two weights two measures.
I regularly hear the question \Why in your recipes, often the spices are listed, with the PM ?\. The reason lies in the question actually. \PM\ ? But what does it mean \PM\ ?!

According to me the seasoning is a matter of taste and taste sensitivity. The salt, everyone knows, is a flavour enhancer. The question that must therefore be asked is \do we all need to enhance the taste of food the same way.\ We all have the same puck, the same language and the same sensory receptors ? It would be stupid to believe that yes, unless we have all received the same education in taste and the same development of taste. No, of course not !
I don't know if for you too, but depending on the day, my sensitivity to the tastes and fragrances fluctuates. But now, back to our salt shakers. Why I do not specify the p ...

Dis maman, pourquoi tu pleures?

This article also works for the dads ;)

Nan, nan, don't worry, nothing serious happened ! Just a murder in the kitchen. The onion has just been beheaded in the washer. Her murderer in the face of violence and in a fit of remorse, began to weep hot tears of crocodiles.
The question is, why mourn we when one peels and émince onions. The answer lies in the course of physical chemistry. Luckily, I made a sandbox account-management :-D

The onion, which we mainly consume the bulb, is composed of enzymes, called allinase, and sulphur-containing compounds. This is what makes us suffer. But how does it work ? In peeling and cutting the onion, we are going to release the allinase, which will lead to a chemical reaction with a compound strongly known under the name of 1-propenyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide. Nan ? You do not know, it is strange... :-/ Of this reaction chim ...
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