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Saucisses, boudins et autres charcuteries maison

Make its charcuterie house has a lot of advantages. Those who I think are the most important for my family are that it can meet the requirements of everyone in terms of taste and scent, but also and above all to correspond to the criteria concerning the allergies of my youngest child. Since the appearance of his first allergies, I am even more focused on the composition of industrial products, and the protein lactic is quite often (go figure why and how) in the deli. So, I launched a year ago in the deli home.
However, the deli, like any culinary speciality, has its own aspects. I discovered a group of professionals and enthusiasts on Facebook, where I received a lot of advice and information about the deli : The Lovers of charcuterie house. You pou ...

Faut pas manger trop sucré ! Pourquoi ?!

We know all almost the slogan \For your health avoid eating too much fat-too sweet, too salty\. Too ? Yes, but too much relative to what ? A piece of candy every night, is that too much ? A handful of popcorn at the cinema, it is simply beyond any standard ? A teaspoon of salt in my portion of salad, is it really so great ?

First, we will devote ourselves to the sugar, and the how and why of is it not advisable to have a good health. Looking at the sugar as a raw material, one can quickly understand that it is not one of them. The sugar is a product of industrial processing of multiple roots (beet, cane, palm). It is therefore a commodity that we have not always had on hand. Why, then, do we need it.

interactionAh yes, but then I see you getting far with your lessons of moral. You're going to, as always, prevent me from putting sugar in my coffee, o ...

Stérilisation VS Pasteurisation

Sterilization is a technique of food preservation by which to eliminate all germs and microbial food, including spores, microbial, high-temperature. The temperatures will remain above 100 °C (temperatures around 120°C in general).

the Difference between sterilization and pasteurization
The difference with the pasteurization is in the range of temperature applied during the treatment : greater than 100°C sterilization and around 70°C for pasteurisation. On the other hand, the effectiveness of the treatment is not the same : in fact, the pasteurization destroys the vegetative forms but not spores, which induces a recontamination possible during the germination of spores.
For example, a food sterile, has no use-by Date (DLC) but has a shelf life (\best before\ Date) which is expressed in months or even in ann� ...

Régime Ducon

Always the same old same old, always at the same time : \The summer is approaching and you don't get in your bikini. Follow our super diet and lose the pounds superflux before the summer.\

I like to eat, I like to eat and eat well. But, being from Normandy, I love dairy products such as butter, sour cream and double and all of these products in which we made war as soon as one speaks of the regime. I've tried many of the regime, such as the famous diet based on oats and protein, no fruit, no vegetable, no sauce,... nothing in fact. Of course I lost very, very quickly. See too fast, since I fell in deficiency of many vitamins and the psychic at the end of a time no longer followed.

So, forced to stop the diet ! The pounds lost came back as quickly as they were gone, and of course, accompanied by the little brothers and little sisters. And here I am in the approach dangeure ...

On avait dit presque à sec !!!

Since your family has a third member, you do not know more where to give head ? This article is about you then maybe. Otherwise ? Well, this article is about you then maybe ;)

Voila, you're left to make a compote of pear house. You peel your pears, you clear the hearts and you wash them quickly under running water. You place them in a saucepan, add a small amount of water and place on low heat, covered. You let it cook slowly and you continue your different activities of your day.
It is then that your small(e) love wakes up from his nap. You take it in your arms, you change it and then you start to play with, to talk to him, to try to teach him to put the left foot before the right foot, then right foot before the left foot, and so on. I'm sure you can already see where I'm coming from : AND PEARS !!!! They take care of it ...

Le Sanzéfourseur

If I told you the first Saturday of the month, you answer me what? Some I respond \Canal+\, the other \Saturday Night Fever, of course!!\, \Go to work\ the brave will counter with a long sigh.
We will respond to you just cleaning the kitchen, and especially of the appliance. And appliances very headache to clean it is the oven. What is the product? How to use it ? Is there a risk of toxic residues ? And then, frankly, the products of the trade, as soon as one dares to reuse the oven, it is necessary to bear this strong smell so characteristic.

So today, I offer you a way of the ecological, economic and quick way to clean your oven. For this, you need a bowl of water and baking soda. \Huh ?! The baking soda ?!! You believe in a chemistry lesson or what ? You think I have it in my kitchen ?!\. And well, yes, it is the white powder (nope, not that one, the other one !!!) you ...
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