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La MD10

For some the term \MD10\ remember, surely, a passage in the hit movie \ Taxi \. Yes, but then, it speaks only of cuisine on Cuisine and Traditions ?!
And bah if ! But then what is the relationship. And ben would you believe it, no ! In fact, we will speak well of Less Than 10, but 10 seconds.
During 2 years, I have had the opportunity to \visit\ good numbers of restaurants in Tampere (Finland). Good actually work there, but most of the time in a passing flash. Restaurant chain, restaurant private, restaurant, hotel, through the breakfast until the dinner.
Good, in a kitchen, and in the heat of the action, there is agreement that sometimes it can happen that a commodity falls to the ground. When this happens to you :
a) You pick it up and throw it immediately in the trash to avoid slipping over later ?
b) You pick it up and put it gently into the plate of your guest/client, because q ...

La consommation de chewing gum fortement (dé)conseillée

Today a fed regarding a product everyday : chewing gum.

Our team welcoming soon a new member, we go often to the meetings for prenatal care. The theme of the day was the \ hygiene of mouth \. And now our speaker talks to us about the xylitol and the benefits of chewing gum. Yes but now, the chewing gum, this tiny piece of confectionery is so appreciated by our children dear, look so benign, is it really safe ?

Let us, therefore, on its composition
Sweetening agent xylitol
Xylitol is extracted from birch bark and is used as a sweetener that is natural, or more or less.

gisSorbitol ...
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