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Petit pain de seigle

petit_pain_de_seiglePain de table individuel à la farine de blé et de seigle
Traditionnellement, ces pains sont consommés au petit-déjeuner ou au goûter. Il sont également idéal pour les pic nic, you peuvent remplace your les buns des hamburger.
Pour un pain moelleux, couvrir les pains dès la sortie du four.


Agneau The lamb has a tradition of being served on the day of Easter.
Small (mâme or female) of the sheep, under the age of 300 days, the termle which it takes the name of a sheep.


Finlande The forests and lakes of Finland, whose capital is Helsinki, mark the landscapes of their footprint. Forestry and its products, wood, cellulose and paper industry play a major role in the economy. But the country is also the largest reserve of european freshwater fish. Finland is part of nordic countries but is not counted among the scandinavian countries, their language has no common base with that of Norway, Sweden or Denmark.

Chef Benkku81

Benkku81alias bertrand anneA native of Ranville, a small village in the Calvados, I grew up in a family of school teacher. At my parents ' home, meals were a special time where parents and children were gathered and could share a moment together.
My first steps in the kitchen, as far as it goes back to my memory, have been in kindergarten (I had to be at least 5 or 6 years). We had to make a chausson aux pommes. I remember that I had felt proud of creating something with my hands ; And, in addition, it was good. :-)

Tell mom, why are you crying?

Dis maman, pourquoi tu pleures? This article also works for the dads ;)

Nan, nan, don't worry, nothing serious happened ! Just a murder in the kitchen. The onion has just been beheaded in the washer. Her murderer in the face of violence and in a fit of remorse, began to weep hot tears of crocodiles.
The question is, why mourn we when one peels and émince onions. The answer lies in the course of physical chemistry. Luckily, I made a sandbox account-management :-D

The onion, which we mainly consu ...
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